Ta-daa! After I shut down the KR Forums in January, the next step was to get off the old server and into a new environment. But because of the Ye Olde technology powering the site, I soon realized this would need to be a total manual migration. And so I set out to Kon Mari 16 years of writing and pluck only the stories and tutorials and reviews that still made me happy – that were still helpful and interesting and historically relevant. I had no idea it would be such an emotional process. Just as things hold energy, so do stories. But as I let things go and put other pieces into the new site, I felt a building sense of excitement and lightness I hadn’t felt in years. It fueled me to keep going and trust in the process. Yesterday, a brand new Knitter’s Review went live. You promptly crashed the server (which is now back up) and I need you to know that crashing the server was the loveliest and most reassuring thing you could’ve possibly done. Thank you – and here’s to another 16 years. ❤️