I’ve been wanting to share this with you for about a week, but butterflies kept getting in the way. It’s the uncorrected proof of my next book, an anthology that will be released September 12. The title was inspired by the Virginia Woolf essay on the relationship between gender, money, physical space, and creativity. For knitters, that sacred physical and financial and metaphorical space from which creativity stems is rooted in the stash. So many feelings come up around our yarn, whether we invest a lot in it or a little, whether our house is jam packed or contains just one tidy tub. I asked 22 brilliant friends and colleagues to lend their voices to the topic, each bringing the unique perspective of designer, teacher, yarn maker, dyer, feminist, editor, blogger, sheep farmer, and even licensed clinical social worker (to answer that creeping question, “Am I a hoarder?”). In the coming days I’ll share each contributor and essay with you. But the very first one (swipe to the next photo) needs no introduction. I’m so proud and honored to have been able to bring this collection together, and I dearly hope you enjoy it. ❤️