There comes a point in every yarn maker’s life when you must stop the swatching and let yarn be on its way. On August 1st, that’s what will happen to these skeins. Meet CVM/Romeldale 3.0, made from the fibers of a critically endangered, distinctly American breed. I’d intended for half of this run to be dyed in colors inspired by @mjmucklestone for Fair Isle colorwork. But when that batch of yarn came off the spinning frame, it wasn’t right to me. After an inordinate amount of swatching, I had to let those skeins go. Which only makes the other half of the lot, these four gorgeous natural shades, that much more precious to me. I’ve put all the details about this yarn on ClaraYarn.com (full link in profile) in case you’d like to read more, look at pictures, and perhaps even set a reminder on your calendar. On Tuesday, August 1, at 11am Eastern, the skeins shall fly. #slowyarnsofknitlandia