It began at 4am in Portland, Oregon, and ended with @kristinevejar, @adriennerodriguez, @hizknits and I closing @chezpanisse well after midnight. There was so much goodness in yesterday. Huffing the eucalyptus in Golden Gate Park, ogling the ocean from Sutro Baths, doing a cross-bakery croissant comparison, sitting in bridge traffic, buying flowers on 4th St., sampling spicy deliciousness at @vikschaat, and then stepping into one of the most exquisite yarn stores in the country. The collective energy in that room was palpable, and it left me feeling so moved and inspired and grateful. And then to be told, “We’re taking you to Chez Panisse,” where I have always dreamed of going…I’m out of words. Thank you, dear people and dear place, for giving me one of those experiences I will never forget. #astashofonesown #whirlwindsofknitlandia