We’ve been lucky in so many ways since we moved to Maine, with Brad being a prime example. Every fall, right when we think he’s forgotten about us, his tractor shows up in the field. It sits for a few days until he returns, the engine starts up, and down into the field he goes. He moves that tractor across our field like Yo Yo Ma moves his bow across strings, performing a seemingly mundane task with meticulousness and artistry. When not mowing fields, he delivers heating oil, tends to his lobster traps (currently 165), and adores his granddaughter to distraction. He told us he used to hide as a boy whenever my great aunt would show up, because it usually meant she’d found another ancient stove or piano at the dump and wanted his help getting it into her house – which is now our house. He was amazed when I told him we got the stove count down to three. #goodhumansofknitlandia