Let’s round out our garden storytime with a tale of oakleaf hydrangeas, shall we? The last time I visited my paternal grandmother I fell in love with a vase of leaves on her dining room table. No flowers, just these gorgeous leaves. She told me they were from a giant oakleaf hydrangea that she’d brought with her from Michigan when they moved. She offered to send me a clipping, but life happened and she passed away and that was the end of that.
For easily 15 years I’ve stalked my local garden store for oakleaf hydrangeas. They became a sort of mythical joke, like the Loch Ness Monster. Until two years ago, when one actually appeared. I gave it a prized spot by the front door, and this year it rewarded me with three flowers, one of which I dared clip and bring inside. Which means the effortless leaf bouquets cannot be far behind, right? #lifegoals