Exactly one year ago today, this collection of stories was loaded up into a rocket and shot into the world – and I got to accompany it. All my gratitude to Meg Swansen, Lela Nargi, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Amy Herzog, Ann Shayne, Gudrun Johnston, Kay Gardiner, Rachel Atkinson, Franklin Habit, Anna Maltz, Sue Shankle, Amy Christoffers, Jillian Moreno, Susan B. Anderson, Lilith Green, Rachael Herron, Kristine Vejar, Eugene Wyatt up in his clouds, Aimée Osbourn-Gille, Kim McBrien Evans, Adrienne Martini, and Debbie Stoller for making this book so special. And to everyone, may your stash always be a beautiful, bold, and unapologetic reflection of who you are.