A smiling Clara

New York Times-bestselling author, speaker, and wool advocate

Clara has dedicated her life to exploring the stories behind, and qualities of, all the fibers that we wear on our bodies—and taking readers along for the journey.

Through her wool advocacy, writings, workshops, books, and television and radio appearances, Parkes champions the notion of paying closer attention to what we put on our bodies and where it came from.

Current Projects

“Whether she’s writing, teaching, or knitting, Clara Parkes is always a woman on a mission, and her newest project, The Wool Channel, is no exception. It’s a multimedia combination of free email newsletter and paid membership program whose purpose is to teach, celebrate, advocate, and ensure that the world reconnects with nature’s original miracle fiber, wool.”

—Molly Pohlig, Vogue Knitting

A brief story, quote, observation, or revelation to set you on your path for the day.

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