A smiling Clara
“Long before social media cluttered every corner of our existence, Parkes’s conversational 411 about new yarns and interesting pattern designs forged connections among far-flung knitters, who discovered they were a global community rather than lone practitioners of a cozy hobby they’d learned from Mom.” – Kathy Blumenstock,
The Washington Post

Founder of The Wool Channel and author of six books including the New York Times bestselling Knitlandia, Clara has dedicated her life to exploring the stories behind, and qualities of, all the fibers that we wear on our bodies—and taking readers along for the journey.

Her book, Vanishing Fleece: Adventures in American Wool, reveals a rich and vibrant domestic industry that’s been imperiled by a global appetite for cheap fast fashion.

Through her wool advocacy, writings, workshops, books, television and radio appearances, and custom-sourced yarns, Parkes champions the notion of paying closer attention to what we put on our bodies and where it came from. She also edited the anthology A Stash of One’s Own: Knitters on Loving, Living With, and Letting Go of Yarn.

“Clara Parkes is the MFK Fisher of knitting: unflinching, all-seeing, mysterious—and also kind.” – Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner of Mason-Dixon Knitting

She divides her time between city and country in Maine, always writing from a desk in the kitchen—and, of course, wearing wool.