Media Highlights

In Print / Online

BBC Newshour (starting at the 40-minute mark)

Articles of Interest Oct 2023: Wearing Hair

The Long Thread Podcast

Vogue Knitting (Winter 2021-22): Channel Your Knowledge: Clara Parkes, The Wool Channel

Publisher’s Weekly: The Politics of Yarn: PW Talks with Clara Parkes 

NPR: Ravelry, The Knitting Website, Bans Trump Talk and Patterns

Times Literary Supplement: Yarn

Inside Hook: The 80 Best Single-Operator Newsletters

Wall St. Journal: Fiber Optics: Wool Lovers Battle Animal-Rights Crowd Over Sheep Shearing

Washington Post: Knitlandia Review

Reader’s Digest: 50 Best Summer Reads of All Time

EsquireKnow Your Wool

NY MagTell Me Everything You Know About Wool

Heifer International: Celebrity Knitter Talks Yarn, Work-Life Balance and Traveling the World

Modern FarmerEverything You Always Wanted to Know About Wool But Were Afraid to Ask

Farm and Dairy: Fleeced: A Social Media Post about Duluth Trading Goes Viral

Tri-State Livestock News: Duluth Trading Taken to Task Over Wool Comment

Associated Press: Shop Local Movement Drives Sales of American-Made Yarn

Vogue Knitting: Twenty Minutes with Clara Parkes

Interweave Knits: Clara Parkes, the Yarn Seer


Leonard Lopate (WNYC): Please Explain Wool

Wisconsin Public Radio: Knitting as a Lens Through Which to See the World (2016);  The Yarn Whisperer (2013)


Articles of Interest with Avery Trufelman (October 11, 2023)

The Long Thread (June 2023)

The American Scholar’s Smarty Pants  (October 2019)

Fruity Knitting Ep. 94 (January 2020)

Craftish with Vickie Howell

Morning on the Dock from Squam Art Workshops: Episode 14

KnitFM: Breed-Specific Wool

Pompom Magazine’s Pomcast 11

Television / Video

KATU TV’s Afternoon Live (October 2019)

Vanishing Fleece Reading at Strand Books (October 2019)

Knitlandia reading at Strand Books (February 2016)