Voting, a three-act play.

Act 1: Drive to town hall feeling like it’s Christmas morning. Stand in no line, give name to person, receive ballot, and VOTE THE HECK OUTTA THAT BALLOT.

Act 2: Drive to next town over, smile at people streaming into busy town hall, procure cappuccino, converse with people in coffee shop (@bucklyncoffee), meet two neighbors you didn’t know you had.

Act 3: Take said cappuccino up the hill to your favorite bookstore in the world (@bluehillbooks). Peruse books. And more books. Talk about voting with others in the store, all of whom are as excited about this day as you are. Find two wonderful books you cannot wait to get home and read.

Act 3.5: Over a slice of fruitcake you woke up compelled to make yesterday with no awareness it was the anniversary of your grandma’s death, and this was her fruitcake…Over that slice of fruitcake, marvel at how exciting it is that we get this opportunity to have a voice and hopefully impact the direction of this collective society of ours.

Act 3.75: Instagram it.